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2013.11.13 |

New research project turns Danish schoolchildren into future digital designers

They are already digital users, but with a grant from The Danish Industry Foundation of three million DKK, a new research project will turn the schoolchildren into digital developers. The project is conducted by PIT and is led by Professor Ole Iversen.

2013.11.12 |

Søren Pold part of Literature Between Media project (AU Ideas Pilot Center)

PIT researcher, Associate Prof.  Søren Pold is part of the cross disciplinary pilot center Literature Between Media, which is headed by Associate Prof. Tore Rye Andersen, and includes researchers from Comparative Literature, Scandinavian Studies, Languages, Aesthetics and Culture, Children's Literature, Media Studies and IT. The pilot center's aim…

2013.11.01 |

Aarhus as Smart City on Parliament's Agenda in Brussels

A Danish holistic take on smart cities impressed members of the European Parliament and the European Commission, when Aarhus University, together with Telecom Italia, Municipality of Aarhus and Gehl Architects presented the latest research and ideas on how to develop sustainable and livable cities.

2013.11.01 |

Ekkomaten test-run

Friday the 11th October, we conducted a test-run of Ekkomaten in Møllevangen - a local neighborhood in Aarhus. Throughout a year we have asked people to collect sounds from their neighborhood with the aim to build up a sound archive that reflect their auditory understanding of the place in which they live: sounds they like, dislike,…

2013.11.01 |

Olav Bertelsen talks about modern technology and intimacy on Deadline, DR2

On Wednesday November 27, Olav Bertelsen was invited to participate in Deadline, DR2 to talk about modern technology and intimacy.

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