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2013.09.09 |

Liam Bannon has been awarded the EUSSET and IISI biennial lifetime achievement award

Liam Bannon is currently Emeritus Professor at the University of Limerick, Ireland, Honorary Professor at the Department of Computer Science,and also part of the Participatory Information Technology Centre at Aarhus University.

2013.08.22 |


In the past two weeks, the AU's Center for Participatory IT has hosted a summer school "SummerPIT". The center has had guests from home and abroad, including several PhD candidates.

2013.06.12 |

New technology can "shake up" the museum visitors and museums

Tuesday 28 May Center for Participatory Interaction Design, PIT, had their public final panel discussion on research Local Area Artworks, which focuses on audience participation in the arts dissemination.

2013.05.23 |

Computer Science and Digital Literacy in Harddisken DR/P1

On Monday, May 13, 2013, Susanne Bødker was invited to a conference on Digital Literacy organized by IT-Vest. Susanne comments on the subject on Harddisken, DR/P1.

2013.05.15 |

PIT in cooperation with Kunsthal Aarhus

PIT is currently involved in a groundbreaking research cooperation with Kunsthal Aarhus

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