PIT talk by Christina Grammatikopoulou on Discussing Immaterial Labour through Participatory Information Technology Art

2015.09.14 | Marianne Dammand Iversen

Date Mon 21 Sep
Time 12:15 13:00
Location 5335-395 Nygaard Møderum

When it comes to the issue of participation in the fields of labour and culture, it often becomes simplified in the following equation: participation = more work opportunities = less social exclusion = broader democratization of society. However, as we view the effects of Participatory Information Technology in the process of cultural creation, we cannot help but wonder, does participation really generate collectivity and social change? Or is it an advertising slogan for the imposition of free labour and the generation of capital?

Beginning with these questions, this presentation deals with the discourse created by PIT Art in regard to immaterial labour. Through specific cases of contemporary artworks that call for the collaboration of the public in the creative process using PIT, different approaches come to the fore: from a utopian vision of information society, to an adverse critique of capitalism and the exploitation procedures of capital production. 


Christina Grammatikopoulou (PhD) is a research assistant at the Aarhus University and the managing editor of the art magazine Interartive. She is an advisor for the Transart Institute and a member of the research group Art, Globalization, Interculturality of the University of Barcelona. Her research interests include visual arts, information technology, embodiment, immateriality and activism. She teaches art history in the Open University of Cyprus.

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