PIT talk by Graham Dove on Information, Inspiration: Visualizing data to help prompt design ideas

2015.12.04 | Marianne Dammand Iversen

Date Mon 11 Jan
Time 12:15 13:00
Location 5335-395 Nygaard Møderum

Description: This talk presents research investigating whether interactive visualizations of the data generated during everyday activities, for example energy consumption data, might provide a good source of inspiration for stakeholder ideation during design workshops. It will outline some lessons learned about visualization design in this context, and discuss how different types of data can prompt ideas to be generated in different ways.

Bio: Graham Dove is a postdoc member of the CIBIS project within Digital Design at Aarhus University, and a member of PIT. His research interests include understanding design processes, supporting design creativity, and using everyday data as a design resource. He has a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from City University, London, and a professional background in digital design and media streaming.    

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