Game jams

The game jam movement started back in 2002 with the Indie Game Jam and Ludum Dare. The two were quickly joined by the Toronto Game Jam and the Nordic Game Jam in 2006. The latter, with its initial focus on sharing and collaboration became the inspiration for the first Global Game Jam in 2009. Since then, the Global Game Jam has been accepted into the Guinness Book of World Records, and become bigger than the Winter Olympics with more 36,000 registered jammers in 701 locations in 94 countries.

Today, the Global Game Jam is a truly worldwide and diverse community of experimental game makers covering all genres; video games, board games, pervasive games and everything in between.

The three main tenants of the Global Game Jam are Collaboration, Innovation & Experimentation. My talk will focus on the origin of these tenants, and how their manifestation in practice has helped grow the game jam movement and promote game development everywhere.