OrganiCity: From small-scale intervention to large scale experimentation


Martin Brynskov, PhD, Associate Professor, Project lead OrganiCity, Aarhus University Adriënne Heijnen, PhD, Senior Scientific Advisor/Researcher, Aarhus University Debora Lanzeni, PhD, Research Fellow, RMIT-UOC (Barcelona) Christoph Raetzsch, PhD, Post-doctoral Researcher, Aarhus University

OrganiCity: From small-scale intervention to large scale experimentation

This session focuses on OrganiCity, a research and innovation project on digital urban experimentation. Practices of co-creation that work on the micro level are often not possible to scale to the macro level. How should research communities, such as PIT, respond to the political call for scale in urban and societal development? OrganiCity is an attempt to address this demand by implementing an infrastructure for experimentation, with open data, tools and community support that can be scaled, from nano to global. We will address the issues of epistemology of experimentation and improvisation in urban environments, and how this is situated within larger political discourses demanding participatory processes to work at a societal level and be responsive to rapid change. In our contribution, we want to outline main themes in Organicity and set the stage for an open conversation with the PIT community.


Martin Brynskov: Setting the Scene - From Micro to Macro Structures of Experimentation Adriënne Heijnen: Experimentation and Co-Creation in Organicity - Practices and Lessons Learned Debora Lanzeni: Action research and Co-creation - From Observing to Inhabiting Technologically-Saturated Environments. Christoph Raetzsch: Research Themes in Organicity