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PIT talk by Dr. John Murray, Computer Science Laboratory at SRI International in Silicon Valley, California

Recent Trends in the Design of Human-Machine Systems

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Wednesday 28 September 2016,  at 12:00 - 13:00


5335-295 Nygaard Møderum




This talk will discuss several recent research projects at SRI International, with a focus on modeling individual and group behaviours, crowdsourcing and citizen science using computational media, and design approaches for educational technology. These projects encompass coordinated laboratory studies and fieldwork testing across multiple countries, multimodal data collection and business analytics, and technical and social challenges for online privacy and trust. Topics will include: collaborative research business opportunities, ethical guidelines for human participant research programs, and risks and rewards in multidisciplinary ventures.

Dr. John Murray is a Program Director in the Computer Science Laboratory at SRI International in Silicon Valley, California. His business interests encompass interactive collaborative systems, educational technologies, computer gaming, cognitive ergonomics, and global cyber-research ethics. Dr. Murray has led many innovative interdisciplinary systems research and development projects in both academia and industry. The primary applications of his work have been in smart product design, mobile communications, education systems, transportation infrastructure, and software security and reliability.

SRI International is a large non-profit research institute with headquarters in Silicon Valley, California. Since its inception at Stanford University over sixty years ago, SRI has been pioneering ground-breaking research in many scientific disciplines, which have resulted in many world-changing technologies and products that make people safer, healthier, and more productive. With revenues of approximately US$500M annually, SRI undertakes extensive research and development programs in partnership with numerous government agencies, industrial companies, private foundations, and international organizations.