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The 2016 Fall PIT Symposium

We hereby invite all interested researchers, locally and internationally, to the 2016 Fall PIT Symposium on November 3rd 2016. The symposium will be a full day event with presentations of activities and research results from the Participatory Information Technology Center (PIT) together with talks by invited guests. PIT proudly brings you tastes and examples of our research from the past five years, that will then be discussed together with the audience and our invited guests. These international guest speakers present their own work as a lead-up to the discussions. The day is scheduled as four main themes, with an introduction, and a reception to round everything off.

The symposium day will consist of four sessions with the titles:

  • Participation and Participatory Design
  • Technologies of Participation
  • Communities and Cities
  • Aesthetics of Participation

Each session includes an overview presentation, a case presented by a local research, and a talk by an invited guest.


(The details of the program are still in the making and will continuously be updated)

08:30-09:00Welcome and introduction (Susanne Bødker & Kim Halskov)
09:00-10:15Session 1:Participation and Participatory Design
09:00-09:20PIT perspectives on participation and Participatory Design ( Christian Dindler)
09:20-09:40Participatory design beyond the direct involvement of users (Morten Kyng)
09:40-10:00Participatory design in Special Education (Eva Ericsson)
10:00-10:15Panel moderated by Christian Dindler
10:30-11:45Session 2: Communities and Cities
10:30-10:50Participation in the smart city (Martin Brynskov)
10:50-11:10Bottom-up communities and their artifact ecologies (Peter Lyle)
11:10-11:30Libraries as Participartory Design Spaces (Sidsel Bech-Petersen)
11:30-11:45Panel moderated by Martin Brynskov
11:45-14:00Lunch and poster session
14:00-15:15Session 3: Technologies for participation
14:00-14:20Technologies for participation: Multiplicity and connection (Clemens Klokmose)
14:20-14:40Beyond location - engaging together? (Henrik Korsgaard)
14:40-15:00Technologies for supporting participation during search (Harald Reiterer)
15:00-15:15Panel moderated by Clemens Klokmose
15:45-17:00Session 4: Aesthetics of Participation
15:45-16:05Aesthetics of Participation - where are we? (Lone Koefoed Hansen)
16:05-16:25Of benches and tables - some  examples (Marianne Graves Petersen)
15:25-16:45Everyday Aesthetic Participation (Anna Valgårda)
16:45-17:00Panes moderated by Lone Koefoed Hansen

 The event is free for all participants, but you have to cover your own travel.