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Technologies for Systematic Creativity (PhD project)

The center is closed, and the website is therefore no longer being updated.

The focus of my PhD study is the creation of software architecture and user interfaces to support practices of invention. Common to such practices is that they involve both aspects of artistic imagination of unorthodox alternatives, and a systematic component of learning and making things work. They also contain central elements of reflecting on tools and methods, and of creating immediate structures to support the process of creation.

In my PhD, I study how component architectures and interactive, adaptable user interfaces can be used to support these practices.

My research is centered around two main prototype systems. SketchCode is a programming environment that allows its users to extend it with their own visual editing components in order to express the concepts of their problem domain better. It is informed by theories of sketching, craftmanship and reflective practice.

The Horse Uber Shell (Hush) is a wrapping architecture and user interface for Linux systems on desktop, mobile and embedded devices that enables users to interactively combine functionality across devices to allow their own, perhaps idiosyncratic, workflows. It is meant as an alternative to application-centric computing, and based on theories of instrumental interaction and object orientation.

The PhD study is funded by the CIBIS project[1], in which we use and apply multi surface technologies to support creative ways of working in high school education, LEGO robotics programming and professional design practice.

1: http://cavi.au.dk/research-areas/cibis-creativity-in-blended-interaction-spaces/