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Preliminary schedule (subject to changes w.r.t. both order and speakers)

  8:30    Morning coffee

  8:45    Welcome


  9:00    IT/design/sustainability (and maybe something about digital methods)

             - Talk by Alex Nathanson: Independent media artist, author of ”A History of Solar Power Art and Design”

             - Group work


12:00    Lunch


13:30    Subject Access Requests

             - How can we use our, and other people's, digital rights to collect data and investigate data flows that are difficult to observe?

             - Talk by Jef Ausloos: Postdoc at KU Leuven's Centre for IT & IP Law, author of "The Right to Erasure in EU Data Protection Law"


14:00    Snack


14:30    Representative Surveys
             How can an annual representative survey support your existing research topics and approach? Let's build the Aarhus Annual Computing Survey.

             - Speaker TBD

             - Group work


16:30    Free time


18:00    Dinner