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LitiRum: Design of IT to and with schoolchildren

The center is closed, and the website is therefore no longer being updated.

IT is a hot topic at Danish elementary schools, which are now, and in the coming years will be, investing large sums of money in new technology. At the same time, the rise of ubiquitous computing – that is, smart phones in every pocket, and tablets or laptops in every school bag – is changing the landscape of the elementary school. The pupils are always “on”, blurring the distinction between school and leisure. In the Litirum project, we worked with pupils, teachers, and administrators at two elementary schools to develop a new social technology platform that seeks to take advantage of some of the new possibilities. The platform, Narrify Your School, aims to bridge the gap between formal and informal learning contexts by enabling pupils, teacher, parents, and others to build and share knowledge. Narrify your School is a web-based system optimized for mobile use. Additionally, the platform is anchored by installations at two schools in Kjellerup and Vinding, where pupils, teachers, and visitors can experience, and contribute content to the platform.