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SummerPIT 2014

The center is closed, and the website is therefore no longer being updated.

Join the crowd! Fuel and charge! Dig deep!

See you in Aarhus - August 12-16 2014

Like last year in August, PIT will host SummerPIT, which brings together international researchers from across PIT-related research areas, local researchers, and PhD students. Part of SummerPIT is a PhD school (starting Aug 10) where students get a chance to join talks and other activities, in combination with jointly carrying out design workshops where they explore a number of approaches and methods to participatory IT and participatory design. For more information regarding PIT and the SummerPIT see pit.au.dk.

The centre extends the Scandinavian participatory design tradition, which has historically focused on involving people in the introduction of technology to their workplaces. However, during the recent decades, information technology has become an integrated element of almost all parts of people’s everyday lives, including leisure, civic activity, art, and culture, thereby establishing new forms of participation and social practices. The pervasiveness of information technology in human life poses new challenges for the way participation occurs, is supported, and understood. Accordingly, the centre poses the fundamental question of what participation currently means, and how it may be supported by IT, today and in the future. This year's SummerPIT is thematically organised to embrace some of these issues and challenges.

We have invited a number of  international speakers and we would like to take the opportunity to extend the invitation to international and national senior researchers who can join us on their own funding. Since we have a limited capacity for this, we encourage you to sign up as soon as possible by sending a request to Susanne Bødker (bodker@cs.au.dk).

There will be daily talks, workshops and an opportunity to meet old friends and new people.

For more information about SummerPIT see pit.au.dk. Schedule and participants will be published here as they become available.