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Programme, Monday August 27

Chaired by Kim Halskov

Morning presentations

09.00-10.00: Pierre Tchounikine, Grenoble: Designing for Appropriation

10.00-11.00: Christopher Frauenberger, Vienna:  Visualising Actors as Infrastructures in Design - blurring design and use times

Coffee break

11.15-12.15: Challenges and opportunities for research on Time and Tech, panel discussion (Tchounikine, Frauenberger, Halskov, and NN)

Lunch break

13.30-16.30: (incl a coffee break) Afternoon workshop about research tools and methods for studying IT overtime

Participant are invited in advance to prepare an A3 size poster presenting how they have studied the development and use of IT over time: tool used, way of visualizing, research question addressed, theoretical foundation, key concept.

Demos and discussion of research tools:

  • Co-Notate (Søren Rasmussen)
  • Design Space Schema tool (Kim Halskov)
  • Artifact ecology mapping and time (Susanne Bødker)